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1. On the shelves  
Jar: Selgros Globus SB Warenhaus Kaufhof Kaufland Metro C&C Real Service Bund  
2. On the shelves  
Tub: Ecco-Jäger Früchte und Gemüse AG Gmür AG Josef Käppeli AG Marinello+Co AG Metzger-Center St. Gallen Mundo AG Prodega/Growa C+C/Transgourmet Rageth Comestibles AG  
3. On the shelves  
Jar: Bettio Comestibles (Seedamm Pfäffikon) Dörig & Brandl AG Metzger-Center St. Gallen Migros (Ostschweiz & Luzern)  
4. On the shelves  
Tub: Chefs Culinar Selgros FFs GV-Service Metro C&C Service Bund Transgourmet  
5. Tips and tricks - Strong demand  
Strong demand Tips and tricks. Lasting spiciness. A horseradish root will stay fresh for several weeks in a fridge if you put it on a cloth soaked in vinegar. LieblingsKren left unopened in a jar…  
6. The farms  
LieblingsKren The farms. LieblingsKren loves loamy soils, which are especially fertile thanks to their high proportion of decomposed minerals and ability to store nutrients and water…  
7. LieblingsKren  
LieblingsKren The original. Unique. Fresh. Spicy. LieblingsKren is horseradish, always freshly grated, in a practical jar - genuine horseradish. It provides the ideal condiment for the daily menu…  
8. LieblingsKren with Apple  
LieblingsKren with Apple Sweet and spicy. The popular LieblingsKren -  horseradish from the fridge that tastes freshly grated - will be available from November 2017 in a sweeter…  
9. Strong demand  
Strong demand Styrian horseradish PGI - interesting horseradish facts.   
10. Horseradish FAQs  
We are happy to answer your questions. Simply fill out the form and submit the question. It was being used in 1500 BC in Egypt and its medicinal properties were known. This word is not…  
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