The original. Unique. Fresh. Spicy.

LieblingsKren is horseradish, always like freshly grated, in a practical jar - genuine horseradish. It provides the ideal condiment for the daily menu and goes perfectly with fish, meat, soup, salad or a snack between meals. Since the middle ages, horseradish has been considered a “spicer upper” for body, spirit and soul. A portion of LieblingsKren, freshly washed and grated, brings invigorating freshness and spice straight from the field to your table. 


Our horseradish farmers tend their fields with special devotion and a great deal of knowledge. Years of experience and only the best climate and soil conditions make their horseradish unmistakable and unique in flavour. Horseradish is a demanding, labour-intensive speciality crop that requires countless tasks that can only be carried out by hand.