Zander with horseradish risotto

Ingredients for 4 persons: 

1 big onion
300 g risotto rice
150 ml white wine
900 ml vegetable stock
100 g freshly grated parmesan
seasalt & pepper
8 tbsp. LieblingsKren
salt & pepper
4 filets of zander
juice from 1 lemon
olive oil


Peel the onion and slice it into cubes. Saut√© the onion with olive oil in a frying pan. Add the risotto rice and deglaze it with white wine. Add a bit of the vegetable stock and season it with salt and pepper. Add the horseradish and let the risotto cook. Keep on adding vegetable stock and let it boil down. When the risotto rice is done add parmesan, salt and pepper. Marinade the filets of zander with lemon juice. Sear the filets with medium heat for approximately 5 minutes on the skinned side. Serve in deep plates and garnish it with LieblingsKren. Recipe by CookingCatrin.