Smoked salmon cannelloni with beetroot and horseradish mousse


350 g of medium-sized beetroot
4 gelatine leaves
300 g sour cream
100 g crème fraîche
200 g of whipped cream
70 g of LieblingsKren
Salt, fresh ground white pepper
1 1 tablespoon of lemon juice


Boil the cleaned beetroot for around 60 minutes on a low heat, quench, leave to cool, cut into small pieces. Mix the horseradish with the sour cream and leave in the refrigerator for a day. Stir crème fraîche with the horseradish-sour cream mixture and season with salt, pepper, lemon juice, then puree in a food processor with the chopped beetroot. Quickly and carefully mix the dissolved gelatine in three tablespoons of the mixture from the food processor with the whipped cream and then mix the gelatine mixture with the rest of the mixture from the food processor. Refrigerate for at least six hours. For the cannelloni, squirt or spread the firm mousse on slices of smoked salmon, roll up and serve as an appetiser or entremets.