Sirloin boiled with root vegetables and “LieblingsKren”


4 filet slices each with a gross weight of 220 g
1/8 l of strong beef stock
1/8 l of white wine
4 cloves 
4 crushed juniper berries
4 crushed garlic cloves
1 pinch of cayenne pepper, salt, white pepper
4 medium-sized onions
1 large carrot
1/2 a leek
1/2 a celery root
50–60 g of butter

As an addition – for those who want a strong taste kick: horseradish butter for steaks or sirloin: 

200 g butter
Black pepper
1 a dash of Worcestershire sauce
according to personal taste 20-40 g of LieblingsKren


Season the filet slices with salt and ground pepper and leave to stand. In a casserole heat stock and wine mixed together. Add the entire spices. Peel onions, cut into fine slices, add. Then add the loin slices and leave to cook in the stock on a low heat. On the inside the meat should not be cooked more than medium. Then take out immediately, place the onions on top and put to the side (possibly wrapping in aluminium foil). Continue to reduce stock and then strain. Cut vegetables. Blanch these in the reduced stock and take out. Beat stock with the butter. Place onion slices on top, pour the stock with vegetables over the meat. 

Preparation for horseradish butter: 

Cream the butter, season, add chopped horseradish and mix well. Roll everything in transparent film at a diameter of around 4 cm and freeze. Cut slices as you please and place on the steak or the sirloin.