My fish and my radish


250 g of cream
10 g of honey
40 g of butter
120 g of LieblingsKren
325 g of fine whole milk Plantagen¬schokolade chocolate (cocoa content 50%) – heated slightly
40 g of Eibenbrand (from the Johannes Haas distillery in Pretzfeld/Franconian Switzerland)


Bring cream, butter, honey to a boil, add LieblingsKren – bring to a boil again briefly – then mix well, add 1/3 to the chocolate mixture and stir well, add remaining mixture twice, add Eibenbrand and mix well again with a hand-held blender. Pour praline filling at around 28 to 30°C into prepared Mee Fischli chocolate moulds and leave to crystallise – then close. Original “Mee-Fischli” as they are eaten in Main-Franconia, explains Volker Müller, must not be bigger than the little finger of St. Kilian on the old Main bridge in Würzburg! Volker Müller is also happy to receive phone calls (where can the Mee Fischli chocolate moulds be found?): telephone 0049 9722/940213,