Fried char filet with beetroot and horseradish noodle risotto


Around 600 g  of char filet with skin
100 g  of noodle risotto (rice noodles)
200 g  of boiled diced beetroot (around 1 cm in diameter)
¼ l  of chicken stock
2 shallots
2 tablespoons of LieblingsKren
1 tablespoon of whipped cream
1/8 l  of fish sauce
Around 100 g  of butter
Salt, pepper, sugar
4 sprigs of thyme, chervil
sherry vinegar
1/8 l of vegetable stock
White wine


For the noodle risotto, finely dice the shallots and fry in butter until translucent. Now add the rice noodles and also sweat them. Now deglaze with a little white wine and keep adding vegetable stock until the risotto is roughly covered. Stir continuously and leave to simmer until the risotto is firm to the bite. Keep warm. Shortly before serving, season with salt and pepper, stir in the cold butter and fold in LieblingsKren and whipped cream. 

For the beetroot make a reduction of vegetable stock, butter, salt, pepper and sugar, boiling it down until it is syrupy. Now add the diced beetroot and season with a little sherry vinegar (enhances the vegetable’s own flavour). Cut the fish filets into suitably sized and attractive pieces (roughly 4 x 3), season with salt, pepper and a little lemon, turn briefly in flour and fry in bubbling butter (first on the flesh side, then on the skin side). During the last third of the frying process add the sprigs of thyme. Froth up the fish sauce. 

Serving suggestion: 

Place horseradish risotto in the middle with the diced beetroot around it and add the char filets on top (with the thyme sprigs). Finally pour on the frothy sauce and garnish with chervil.