Frankfurters with LieblingsKren and mustard


2 Frankfurters (or Wieners)
15 g LieblingsKren
2 teaspoonfuls mustard


For crunchy Frankfurters, bring a pan of water to the boil. Turn the heat down and simply let the sausages simmer for five minutes in the hot water. Important: Don’t cook; just heat up. Place the Frankfurters/Wieners – traditionally in a pair – on a plate with fresh LieblingsKren from the jar and mustard. Serve with a fresh bread roll or slice of bread. Enjoy this sporting snack.

As a small snack between meals, Dr. Wolf Steger recommends: Wieners with horseradish on the side: mix LieblingsKren half-and-half with medium-strength mustard, then serve as an accompaniment to the sausages – or: mix LieblingsKren with a little cream, grated apple and a drop of lemon juice, and serve as an accompaniment to the sausages.