Chocolate and raspberry lasagne with LieblingsKren

Ingredients for the crêpes: 

3 tablespoons of flour
1 tablespoon of cocoa
2tablespoons of icing sugar
1 pinch of salt
1 pinch of vanilla powder
peel of 1 grated organic lemon
100 ml of milk
1 egg
50 g g of clarified butter for frying

Ingredients for the filling: 

1 egg yolk
1 teaspoon of sugar
180 g of dark nougat
20 g of chocolate coating (70%)
100 g of cream
1 teaspoon of rum
1 teaspoon of chopped pistachios
150 g of raspberries
50 g of raspberry puree
30 g   of LieblingsKren

Also: icing sugar according to taste, sugar for caramelising, SteirerKren for garnish


To make the crêpes, mix the flour with the cocoa, icing sugar, salt, vanilla powder and lemon peel in a bowl. Add milk and egg and mix into a smooth dough. Leave the dough to stand for 1 hour. In the meantime for the filling beat the egg yolk with the sugar until frothy. Break nougat and chocolate coating into small pieces and melt in a double boiler. Mix the nougat and chocolate coating mixture into the foam mixture. Mix in cream, rum and pistachios and leave to cool. Strain the crêpe batter through a sieve. Heat a little clarified butter in a non-stick pan and fry 6-8 as thin as possible crêpes from the batter. Cut four equally sized rectangles (5 x 8 cm) out of each crêpe. In a bowl mix raspberries with the raspberry puree, the icing sugar and the LieblingsKren and marinate. Coat each crêpe rectangle with the nougat mix and spread the marinated raspberries on top. Repeat this process twice. Sprinkle the top crêpe layer with sugar and caramelise under the grill. “Decorate” with icing sugar and horseradish. The dessert is also enough for six people who have already had a nice meal!