LieblingsKren - The Horseradish


The original. Unique. Fresh. Spicy.

LieblingsKren is horseradish, always freshly grated, in a practical jar - genuine horseradish. It provides the ideal condiment for the daily menu and goes perfectly with fish, meat, soup, salad or a snack between meals. Since the middle ages, horseradish has been considered a “spicer upper” for body, spirit and soul. A portion of LieblingsKren, freshly washed and grated, brings invigorating freshness and spice straight from the field to your table. 

Everything from the region.
100% of preparation, quality control and packaging take place in the Steiermark. The majority of the raw materials are also obtained in the region. This creates local jobs and offers farmers an alternative for the future.



The preparation

Genuine craft combined with the latest preparation techniques are a hallmark of LieblingsKren. 

The ingredients

Natural and long-lasting spiciness are what make LieblingsKren a true original. 



The farmers

Our horseradish farmers invest much time and love into perfect cultivation.

The seals of quality

You can learn more about the individual seals of quality in this section.



The packaging

LieblingsKren is for sale in packs of various different sizes.




The company

A family business in southern Styria with a single passion - horseradish. 



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